Liberty of London

Speaking of Target…

{yeah, I know, two posts in 1-day, both about Target; that’s how fascinating my interests are}

I’m kind of excited about their {limited-time} partnership with Liberty of London {spanning from clothing — including menswear!, to shoes, to stationery, to home goods}, arriving March 14th. I just wish their Target collection were more akin to this, or had these prints. Though the prints they used are probably more palpable to the majority of Target’s constituents.

liberty_of_london_target_bicycle{how cool is this bicycle? i love the brown faux-leather? seat!}

liberty_of_london_target_quilt_sham{quilt + sham}


liberty_of_london_target_outfit{Dunclare Yellow print}

liberty_of_london_target_ties{yes! men’s ties! kind of ’70s but without the extra width/bulk}

Target Mobile

Husband showed me this article today and said my phone just made its money back.  Heck yes it did! {Note: I still loved my phone before this though}. Now I can sign up and redeem coupons at Target by using my phone — as if I needed any excuse at all to spend more time + moola at my Bulls-eye mecca.

Sign up for the program online {}, or by texting COUPONS to 827438 (TARGET).

target_coupon_barcode_app{Ugh, sorry, not an iphone fan, but this is the only promo pic Target had,
and yes, this was important enough to mention, I feel cleaner already}


These Spring pieces from Toast remind me of the summers I spent in southern California {we’re talking a stone’s throw away from Mexico, southern California}. Now if only I could dress this effortlessly in the scorching heat during California’s summer months — May to mid-October.





toast_spring2010_6{I think I can make this necklace…}

{and definitely this rope “necklace” (noose?), too}






Curiouser and Curiouser

I can’t wait to see Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. I’m a novice fan of his film style and imagery. {As well as cooler than cool, Mr. Cheekbones himself, Johnny Depp.} These are not promos for the movie, but I love how these photos capture the Carroll-ian essence of the story’s characters and events {and fashion!}. They’re kind of dark, somber, macabre — and I l-o-v-e it!


alice_in_wonderland_vogue_vodianova{model: Natalia Vodianova}

alice_in_wonderland_vogue_ghesquiere{designer: Nicolas Ghesquiere}

alice_in_wonderland_vogue_jones_lacroix{designers: Stephen Jones, Christian Lacroix}

alice_in_wonderland_vogue_jacobs{designer: Marc Jacobs}

alice_in_wonderland_vogue_galliano_roche{designers: John Galliano, Alexis Roche}



alice_in_wonderland_tweedle_dee_tweedle_dum{Best Tweedle Dee + Tweedle Dum ever}


{Photo by prodigy photog, Eleanor Hardwick}
{Photos by Annie Leibovitz, Vogue 2003}
{Photos via Ragazza, thanks to Style Amor}
{Photos by Lorenzo Agius}

Kate Spade Spring Looks

I’ve always admired the art direction in Kate Spade advertisements {especially circa 2004}, perhaps more so than the collection of clothes and accessories themselves. But these cute Spring outfits are changing my mind. These retro-chic outfits, similar to her Fall 2009 line, actually look wearable {and not too pop/op art “loud” like previous seasons}.





Bella Foster

Don’t the color schemes in these paintings by Brooklyn artist, Bella Foster, look similar to the color palettes found in a J. Crew catalog? {That has to be the most un-artsy observation ever, I know.}  I admire her use/control of different opaque +  heavy hues; they just seem to complement each other so well.  Very vibrant yet cozy.


{Still Life with Flowers and Moth}


{Birthday Cup}

What the?

Update: Arcade Fire licensed their song for a Haiti Charity. Phew! Street cred restored.

Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up” in an NFL commercial(s) {and played during commentary}? Okay? And now Grizzly Bear’s “Two Weeks” in an, admittedly funny, VW commercial? During the Super Bowl?? I don’t know if I’m comfortable  having my hipster music convoluted with pro-sports media just yet. What’s next? The Shins in a McDonald’s commercial? Oh, wait…



Industrial Fixings

Surprisingly, when Husband and I discuss our ideal home interior {by “discuss” I mean, I ooh-and-aah at ridiculously expensive items in my Sundance Catalog and Husband is in listening-distance}, we always sway towards the simple, yet modern, yet rustic look of industrial furniture.

I’ll take all of these, please:

loft-chandelier_z_gallerie{Loft Chandelier, Z Gallerie; $300}



turner_barstools_sp10_crate_and_barrel{Turner barstools, Crate & Barrel; only $200-230}

wrights_peak_wire_horizontal_storage_sudance_catalog{Wright’s Peak Wire Horizontal Storage, Sundace; only $375}

sklyer_cabinet_sundance_catalog{Sklyer Cabinet, Sundace; only $1500}

Sundance Catalog, you shall surely be the death of my soon as I can afford your splendor.


These floral arrangements {seriously, can they even be called that? they are so much more exquisitely ornate} by Saipua are down. right. breathtaking. They’re a little unconventional but they sure do pack a visual punch. If I didn’t depend on my soul-crushing desk job, I’d be a florist in a heartbeat.





saipua_floral_bouquet_5{These are definitely reminiscent of my quaint wedding bouquet…}

And their heavenly shop in Brooklyn:

{Oh yes, they also sell their handmade olive oil soap! Makes sense: saipua = Finnish for soap.}

Très Paris

Not all these fashionable ladies hail from the City of Lights, but they definitely emit that style {or maybe it’s just me?}. Major swoon…

tres_paris_style_jan2009{I’ve been desperately on the hunt for some beige-y nude less-than-3-inch heels/flats for a good half of a year now…}

tres_paris_style_jan2009_2{love the cheeky charm the black bow adds to her outfit}

tres_paris_style_jan2009_3{LOVE this outfit; there’s just something so refreshingly casual about cropped trousers, nautical stripes, and leather flats. Ahem, minus the cig.}

{Photos via Stylesightings}