I recently signed up for a beginner’s quilting class and I am psyched…and apprehensive {I’m terrible at geometry and the idea of cutting out trillions of perfectly measured little squares + triangles scares me}. And who says quilts have to be country patchwork drab? I’d be hard pressed to make a dumpy quilt with these lovely fabrics:

{Amy Butler; Anna Maria Horner; Ikea}

{Fabrics via fabricworm; Fabric Supplies by Charlie; Fern Ridge Fabrics}

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  1. Mrs. Priss Says:

    How awesome that you’re taking a quilting class! I know the very, VERY basics, but nothing special… it’s still really fun though. :)
    Loving the cute fabric, especially the Amy Butler stuff! I’m partial to pink right now, can you tell? :)

  2. diana Says:

    For knowing just the basics, you still know way more than me! Making a quilt has been one of my yearly goals since, well like 2002. I wish I already knew how to whip ‘em out — I would love to have given you a pink handmade quilt for baby Madelyn. :-)

  3. Leonie Says:

    We have a range of new tools that make cutting so easy and the triangles have all of the calculations built in. It is about to be released in America at the International Quilt Festival, Houston

  4. diana Says:

    Thanks Leonie; I’ll have to check out those tools!

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